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Releasing May 14th, 2024

It’s been ten years since Rebecca Moore left idyllic small town Vallantine for the big city and even bigger dreams of becoming an award-winning journalist. Her career a puff of smoke in her wake, she returns home for her grandmother’s funeral, grieving and with her life at a standstill. But her two childhood besties have a plan to restore the historic library to its former glory and convert part of it into a bookstore. It seems like so long ago residents had named their trio the “Bookish Belles,” yet nothing cures troubles like good friends and a purpose. The problem is, she needs a job until the renovations are complete, and just her luck, the new editor of the local newspaper is a Yankee. He’s also sullen, sanctimonious, and sexy. And with the gossip mill a-buzzin,’ how is she supposed to keep her cool amid all the southern Georgia heat?

Graham Roberts hasn’t exactly acclimated to the south. Yet, he moved for a purpose, and there’s no reason why he can’t help an old friend with a favor by hiring someone who is more than qualified. They could work side-by-side. Right? Wrong. Bless her heart, Rebecca is the feistiest female on two legs with an innate ability to crawl under his skin faster than a hot knife through butter. Not to mention, she’s gorgeous as all get-out. Beneath her sass, though, is a girl who’s striving for acceptance and love. He’s just not certain he’s the right man. Plus, she’s given no promises to stick around. Worse, he’s starting to think falling for her may not even be a conscious choice. The heart wants what the heart wants. And between all of Vallantine gunning for their ever-after and Rebecca’s alluring charm sucking him in—again…and again—what chance does a guy stand?

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