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"It definitely kept me on my toes, and holding my breath a few times too--it was packed with action,passion, intensity, romance, and whole lot of spooky encounters!! Highly recommend you get in touch with your ghostly side and give this one a try, it is good!!"
-Red's Romance Reviews 

"Kelly Moran's elegantly crafted tale of love and horror will have you holding your breath and sighing gustily."
-In My Humble Opinion Blog

"There's something about Kelly Moran's writing that conjures up images that give you chills but also provides a romanticism between the main characters that makes you want to sigh happily." -Bookaholics Not-So-Anonymous 

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It's no secret among the Phantoms crew that lead investigator Sammy Hanesworth pretty much hates team psychologist Cain McClutchen. The friction between them is taut with tension...and unexpected attraction. He knows full well that something about him rubs her the wrong way, even though he admires the witty, gorgeous spitfire more than a lot. But now they're on a terrifying case—with orders from the network to get along or else.

Filled with past horrors, the rural Nebraska site is beyond creepy. And Sammy knows it all too well. It's her hometown and near the place where her mother was killed. As a sinister presence makes itself known, Sammy finds herself turning to Cain, the last person she expected. Despite darkness surrounding them, animosity gives way to something bright and unpredictably intimate.

Yet nothing will prepare them for the evil they are about to face...

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