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Dearest Visitors,
Welcome to Vallantine, Georgia, where the only thing sweeter than the Belle Peaches we’re famous for are the patrons.
Founded in 1870 by William & Katherine Vallantine, our cozy, picturesque town is home to 2500 residents and nestled beside the Ogeechee River. We have 3 inns and 2 B&Bs for convenience, or a hotel just outside the city limits. There are several family-operated restaurants for your dining pleasure to suit your palate or fancy.
On your visit, be sure to check out our main square. There’re over 45 locally owned independent shops along the old-world cobblestone streets. Take a riverboat dinner cruise at sunset or a horse-drawn carriage ride through the historic plantation district. Enjoy a walking tour of the Vallantine Cemetery or Peach Park, where multiple statues stand in remembrance of important figures in history, and stroll among the hundred-year-old oak trees teeming with Spanish moss. You can even view parts of the original library, still standing, that William built in 1875 for Katherine, who loved books. Some say she never left, that her spirit can be caught reading one of her favorite volumes between the shelves while she idly waits to assist all who enter seeking knowledge.
You may have been drawn here for our annual Peach Festival or Pecan Fair, but our southern charm will make you never want to leave. Hospitality is our middle name. If you’re so inclined, before you do depart, go say hello to Miss Katie—the first Belle Peach tree ever planted in town, named after the one and only Katherine Vallantine. It’s legend around these parts that doing so will bring you good luck and a lifetime of love. She’s also been known to grant a wish or two if she’s in the mood.
Y’all come back now, you hear!
Gunner Davis, Mayor of Vallantine

Coming soon to Germany!

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