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My name is Matt Holcomb, and I'm the good guy. The boy next door. I'm the safe bet and I always do the right thing. Then one night two years ago, I made a terrible mistake that caused irreparable damage, and the guilt is killing me. If I'm ever to make the leap and find love again, the woman would have to be perfect. She can't disrupt my carefully constructed control. I met my best friend Jenny Winter as a teenager and have loved her ever since. She's gorgeous and talented. Her voice could make angels weep. Yet she chose someone else and I swore I'd never fall for her again. Until something happens between us and passion ignites. But she's not the right woman for me, and crossing the line with her would not only change everything, it'll take away the only good thing I have left.

"Kelly Moran's realistic writing makes you feel so many different emotions, every word is thought provoking and it grabs the reader's full attention page after page." -ItaPixie Blog


  • angsty
  • beach read
  • friends-to-lovers
  • southern romance
  • depression
  • tear-jerker
  • boy next door
  • secret crush
  • pining
  • love triangle
  • trauma survivor

Winter's Path

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