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Book Excellence Award-Finalist!

What happens when one of the notorious town matchmakers gets the tables turned on her?

As the long-time mayor of quaint little Redwood Ridge, Oregon, what Marie Sedgwick is most proud of is how she and her two sisters have been able to help patrons find their perfect match. Sure, townsfolk call them The Battleaxes, and yeah, she and her sisters do tend to meddle. Yet, nothing is more important than true love. It’s something that slipped between her fingers once, and she’s regretted it ever since. Except, that so-called regret just showed up after twenty years, looking like a sexy fox, and knocking her world off its axis. And though she’s been trying to avoid him, it suddenly seems this holiday season, she’s the one with a Cupid target on her back.

After all his adventures, Preston Masterson has finally returned to the place he always thought of as home with two goals. One, to transform the old Freemont Mansion into a charming Inn by Christmas. And two, to win back the heart of the woman he was stupid enough to let get away in his misspent youth. But nothing is going as planned. Remodeling has hit one snag after another, and Marie is more stubborn than he remembered. Which is saying a lot since she’s quite a brilliant, gorgeous spitfire. Yet, ‘tis the season, and with the help of some Redwood Ridge residents-turned-angels, perhaps he won’t need mistletoe magic to pull off a miracle. Still, it wouldn’t hurt…

"Themes of family, love, and memories tie the story into the perfect gift that fans of romance and literary fiction will thoroughly enjoy. Highly recommended!"
– Book Excellence on Mistletoe Magic


  • small town
  • romcom
  • matchmakers
  • mature couple
  • holiday romance
  • mayor
  • silver fox
  • coming home
  • second chance
  • Christmas

Mistletoe Magic

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